Mexi Protein Fritters (vegan)

Hey guys! Here is an organic vegan protein-packed fritter recipe to follow. When I use the word organic, yes, I do mean organic produce and organically shaped! Fritters are intended to have their personality, so after spooning them into the pan — just let them be :)

Below I have attached pictures of what I served the fritters with! It was a beautiful spring lunch.

Herbs and millet, mango and avocado salsa, with cashew cream.

I love cooking and enjoy the entire process. Right now, I am practising 'planning' my combinations of dishes so everything is a little more thoughtful and the flavours, colours and textures dance together well.

Let me know if you try these fritters and what variations/substitutions you try.

Happy Tuesday! #ChooseLove.

Ally x

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