Session: Upgrade your health, habits and lifestyle.


Alex creates a 'safe space' and makes you feel so natural and comfortable during the session. She is very attentive, and talking to her comes easily because of her non judgemental nature. Alex gave me a lot to reflect on and has left me feeling encouraged and empowered. I have taken back control of my happiness and gotten in touch with my health again. I will be seeing you again.

Thank you, Alex!

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Session: The Inner Dive


I recently did my first coaching session with Ally! I was a little bit hesitant at first because I have never ventured into that area of self work/self love and I really didn’t know what to expect. The 90 minute session was better than what I ever imagined, in all honesty. Ally asked some really great questions and helped me navigate my way through the questions I wasn’t too sure about. After the session I felt like I had opened a part of my brain that probably hasn’t been ‘prodded’ like that before, and I loved every second of it. I really really recommend ally as a coach, not only for her professionalism, but it really feels like you’re speaking to a trusted friend or family member, whilst getting to the important questions at the same time. Thank you for guiding me in this journey called life Ally, I can’t wait for our next session.

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Session: 3 Month Coaching Program


Alex was my guide on the side during a transitional stage in my life, and she made me feel supported and understood. Alex helped me create and step forwards towards my 2020 goals and dream list, and has empowered me to become more focussed and deliberate with my actions towards health and wellbeing. She helped remind me that I am powerful beyond measure. Thank you, Ally x

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Session: The Inner Dive


As soon as my session began with Alex I felt her calming presence - she exudes compassion. Alex helped me explore all things spiritual and in particular I loved looking into my values and purpose. After the session I felt my spirit reignited and a new passion for life. Thank you endlessly.

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Bell Pepper


Session: The Inner Dive


What do you expect from a coach? I personally want kindness, openness and honesty and I got all of this with Alex during our 1.5hr deep dive soul coaching session. Her ability to listen without judgement allowed me to feel comfortable enough to open up and let her see — or feel — who and where I was in that moment. This in itself helped me to reconnect with some parts of myself I had lost touch with.

Following this, Alex helped me to see what I was missing in my own story to connect the dots where I couldn't in order to start << reassembling >>. My emotions, my desires, my strength. I left the session feeling more powerful and motivated than I had felt in a while, with a few easy exercises to practice on my own.

Trust is mandatory to work with a coach, especially one who is going to dive deep with you into your soul. It is an easy ingredient to find with Alex, making the session that much more powerful. I would do it again without hesitation.

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Online Tutoring

Peter, my Dad

Session: 6 Month Coaching Program


Being an older gent, working with Ally was a little daunting at first. However I was quickly into an easy rhythm of being able to discuss matters important. I'm a compulsive type lacking in  self discipline, however following a heart attack scare needed strategies to help me make better decisions. Ally quickly got to the why's and without imposing strict structures that are easy to ignore, I was able to better understand my overcompensating behaviours and focus on the critical few matters really important to me.

And I still get to enjoy myself!

Thanks Ally..

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