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Plants and Coffees

As an online holistic health coach, I specialise in coaching you to live in alliance with your Highest Self, addressing your health-set, mind-set, heart-set and soul-set. I am a plant-based whole foods chef and preventive health advocate, and I encourage my clients to implement nutritious and nourishing food and lifestyle habits into their lives.

Food is a gateway to living more mindfully; however, it is only one aspect of living a healthy and joyful life.

Wellness comes from within — health is holistic — health encompasses every area of our lives.

Whether you'd like to improve the symptoms of a chronic illness, improve your mental health or maintain your current level of health, my approach may be for you. I not only help you be your best self, but I equip you with the invaluable knowledge of how to continue to do so without me.

Let us heal and thrive from the inside out.


Would you like to know —

What on earth is a Holistic Health Coach?


​Physical and mental wellness can be achieved by creating harmony between the mind, body, and soul. Disease or dis-ease is the body's way of communicating an internal imbalance and shouldn't be masked by pharmaceuticals but treated from the inside out. I view symptoms (physical and emotional) as messengers and a call to action to get to the root of an issue to restore wellness.

A holistic health coach guides their clients to understand that "everything is connected and has a meaning" while learning to thrive and not only survive. 

Clean eating and living create pure thoughts, a clear mindset, and clarity to one's purpose and direction.

I mentor and empower clients towards achieving their health and wellness goals.

I listen to my clients' concerns, help them identify challenges, support them in actions they need to take, and hold them accountable, so they get the desired results.

A personal trainer (PT) trains your physical body, and I, as your holistic health coach, train your

mind-set, health-set, soul-set & heart-set.​




“ It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver ”. 

Mahatma Gandhi

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